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0000083_HalfMoonCamerawork_Poster_Camera Obscured?.jpg

Seminar Series Poster for Camera Obscured? Perspectives on contemporary British Photography - participants include David Bailey, Jane Bown, Dennis Boxall, Tom Cooper, Sue Davies, Euan Duff, Mark Edwards, Ainslie Ellis, Colin Ford, Bill Gaskins, Fay Godwin, Sally Greenhill, Brian Griffin, Neil Gulliver, V Harrison, Margaret Harker, Tom Hawkyard, Larry Herman, Paul Hill, David Hurn, Philip Jones Griffiths, Barry Lane, Patrick Litchfield, Simon Marsden, R H Mason, Jessie Ann Matthew, Ron McCormick, Sarah Moon, Carole Moss, Maggie Murray, Diane Olson, Colin Osman, Christa Peters, Angela Phillips, Eva Sereny, Chris Steele-Perkins, Paddy Summerfield, Homer Sykes, Pamela Toler, Penny Tweedie, Toni Tye Walker, John Wall, John Webb, Valerie Wilmer, Richard Wood

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Four Corners/Half Moon Photography Workshop/Camerawork

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