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Four Corners people


Joanna Davis, Mary Pat Leece, Ron Peck, Wilf Thust, Paul Hallam, Richard Taylor, Liz Rhodes, Mandy Rose, Ric Mann, Hilary Dunn, Caroline Spry, Nicky Hamlyn, Jimmy Edmonds, Keith Cavanagh



Camerawork people


Wendy Ewald, Ron McCormick, Julia Meadows, Mike Goldwater, Paul Trevor, Ed Barber, Shirley Read, Jenny Matthews, George Solomonides, Liz Mackie, Liz Heron, Jo Spence, Terry Dennett, Nicky Hughes, Liz Kessler, Tom Picton, Don Slater, David Hoffman, Liz Wells,  Jill Pack, David Bate, Greg Khan, Richard Platt, Graham Evans, Marguerite McLaughlin, Keith Cavanagh, Mike Hughes, Yve Lomax, Kate Polak, Helen Idle, Mel Aldridge, Noelle Goldman, Helen Palmer, Richard Harris, Pam Gill, Sharon Keatley, Sharon Kivland, Anne McNeill, Lesley Mitchell, Janice May, Tom O’Mara, Kathy Myers, Deborah Keys


Other Camerawork magazine people: Tony Bock, Roger Eaton, Janet Goldberg, Marilyn Noad, Neil Gulliver, Cal Johnson, Wal, Sue Hobbs, Eric Molden, Jan Clarke, Ann Murphy, Swanee Swanson, Wendy Wallace, Peter Marlowe, Siddhiratna, Harry Chambers, Prodeepta Das, Sue Marie, Trev Sparrow, Denisce Dillani, Bruno Simes, Santiago Castrillon, Kate Saunders, Chris Steele Perkins, Nick Oakes, Emma Diamond, Ingrid Emsden, David Gordon, Mike Leedham, Catherine Bradley, Andy Dark, Susan Foll, Mike Swift, Terry Smith, Dave Allen, Dorothy Leng, Caroline Kraabel, Cass Breen, Maeve Forman, Larry Herman, Jeremy Nichol, Jini Rawlings, Andy Dark, Sylvia Gohl, Susan Foll, Mark Garland, Neil Martinson, Mitra Tabrizien, Joanne O’Brien, Sean Cubbitt, Philip Wolmuth, Megan Martin