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Nighthawks - Ron Peck & Paul Hallam

Directed by Ron Peck, assisted by Paul Hallam, Nighthawks was the first British fiction feature w...

Oral History Excerpt - Ron Peck

Peck discusses the development of the film ‘Nighthawks’, Britain’s first feature film about the g...

Oral History Excerpt - Ron Peck

Peck discussing meeting independent filmmakers and the process behind getting funding for Nightha...

Oral History Excerpt - Ron Peck

Peck discussing the pressure to create more ambitious and wider-ranging independent work against ...

Oral History Excerpt - Ron Peck

Peck reflects on Four Corners' relationship with local people in Bethnal Green at the time.

Leisure Out of Work - John Blake, Ron Haselden

Exhibition Poster for Leisure - Out of Work by John Blake, Ron Haselden; Home Entertainment by Gr...
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