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Issue 22: Women and Documentary Photography in Northern Ireland

Item No.



Printed Magazine


19 pages

Origination Date
Project Locations

Bethnal Green, London, UK
(pg 1,2,3) Northern Ireland, UK
(pg 4,5,13) Denmark
(pg 7) Brixton, London, UK. New Cross, London, UK.
(pg 8) El Salvador
(pg 9,10,11) USA. Japan.
(pg 18) Liverpool, UK.


Four Corners/Half Moon Photography Workshop/Camerawork, Jude Rugg, Cass Breen, Blaine Stothard, Dermott Killip, Owen Kelly, Andrew Bethell, John Halliday, Karin Lützen, Barbara Adler, Pat Harper, Jennie Lazenby, Andrew Wiard, Don Slater, James Allen, V.C. Bauer, Robert Flinn, Christine Halsall, Takashi Hamaguchi, Sonja Iskov, Carsten Jenson, E. Langhaff, Finn Larsen, Joanne O'Brien, © Christian Poveda/Agence VU, Sven Türck, Caroline Tisdall, Chris Walsh, Annie Worthington, Neil Martinson, Danish Women's Photo Archive, Film History Museum, Labour Movement archives, City Museum Collection, Poster Film Collective, Medical History Museum, Punch, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Guardian

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